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Wendy Russo offers a break for local and visiting parents.

Parents who want to add a bit more pizzazz into their vacation by spending a few hours alone or enjoying a date night will find the Topsail Island Vacation Nanny Service just what they need and what their children will enjoy.

“I love being able to meet and care for children at various stages of their development,” says owner Wendy Russo. “Each family is unique, and I ask parents questions about their parenting styles so I can mimic their style while their children are in my care.”

The summer 2021 season was very busy for Topsail Island Vacation Nanny Service.

“I met and helped so many families,” Russo says. “I’m also available year-round. I nanny for many local families.”

And families love her, as this review from her Facebook page attests.

Beach Nanny Topsail NC

“We have a 1-year-old boy (who is on the move!) and a 2.5-year-old boy. We came to Topsail for a full week and we knew we wanted some help with the kids during the day, but also wanted a date night or two. Enter Wendy!! Two boys that are two and under is A LOT! It’s hard to trust anyone to love and care for them at the same time, but Wendy jumped right in like a total pro and what a gift she was! She brought toys, played in the pool, followed the tiny one around on the beach, and handled everything from meals to movie cuddles to bath time to dirty diapers to “where’s mommy” meltdowns like she was happy to do it! My oldest is still asking “where’s Ms. Wendy??” Would absolutely recommend Wendy, and we WILL be using her again!!! Thank you, Wendy,!!!!”

An afternoon or evening or with Russo can involve visits to a playground or the beach when the weather permits. Arts and crafts vary and are based on the child’s age and ability.

“The littles love to color and glue,” she says. “At the holidays, Rice Krispy treat ornaments and gingerbread houses were made by older children. All children have enjoyed making things out of shells found on the beach such as little animals and picture frames.”

A strong pull to the ocean brought Russo to Topsail Island from New Jersey in May 2020. “The ocean soothes my soul,” she says. “I loved Topsail the minute my toes touched the sand. I’m so happy to have made this my home.”

Russo works with children of all ages and all needs in their own homes.

“What’s great about my lifetime of experience is that I know how to handle a myriad of different situations. I know who to call and when,” she says.

After her first summer’s success, she’s added dog walking and pet sitting to her nanny duties. She’ll drop in, take your dog out for a walk and fill the food dish. She’ll administer simple medications, and if you want her to spend the night with Fido, she will.

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