The New Normal in Dining

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The Topsail Steamer’s seafood steam pots are a hit for family-friendly, socially distant gatherings.

Topsail Steamer, the no-restaurant restaurant, has boomed as the shift in habits reflects new lifestyles that are evolving from coronavirus. The stores, located in Topsail Island and Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, and Ocean City, New Jersey, have experienced record sales as people look for unique experiences they can have outside or at home.

“We create a fun, healthy and yummy family-friendly dining experience,” says Danielle Mahon, founder and CEO of Topsail Steamer. “When I was writing the Topsail Steamer business plan, a pandemic was not part of my SWOT analysis. While quality seafood and convenience are always in the spotlight, we’ve watched the experience take the lead during this time of restrictions and isolation. We’re just thrilled that we can bring more fun to people’s lives.”


Topsail Steamer was founded in Surf City in 2017. The great success in this vacation-friendly beach spot led to an expansion in Wrightsville Beach in 2018 and a subsequent opening of a new store in Ocean City, New Jersey, on May 15, 2020. The Ocean City location was selected because that’s where Mahon spent her family spent summers as she was growing up, and her friends and family now help run that store.

“We’re a family-run business that builds seafood steam pots for people to take home, steam and eat,” Mahon says. “That DIY-but-it’s-done-for-you approach is a great way to entertain and get out of the isolation rut. It’s really resonating with people.”


From their stores in North Carolina and New Jersey, as well as nationwide delivery through, Topsail Steamer provides a seafood steam pot to take home, steam and eat. Each steam pot starts with a single-use bay bucket filled with corn on the cob and red potatoes. Customers then choose from one of Topsail Steamer’s signature buckets or the build-your-own option. Ingredients include North Carolina shrimp, locally sourced clams, scallops, oysters, snow crab, lobster tail, andouille sausage, kielbasa and your choice of four different homemade seasonings. Just add water or beer, and steam away for a fresh experience.

Want to try it?

Topsail Steamer

302 S. Topsail Drive
Surf City
(910) 328-2645

530 Causeway Drive
Wrightsville Beach
(910) 679-5004

Both locations open for curbside pickup.

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