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Wilton Wescott is new to Surf City, having only moved to town in February. But already his photography is making waves.

How did you get started with drone photography or photography in general? 
I have been interested in photography since I was a kid. In the early ’80s I had a darkroom and contributed to the local papers. I shot a few weddings but preferred landscape. Around 2007–08 I got my first digital camera and fell in love with photography all over again. After I retired from my job with CenturyLink in November 2016, I bought a drone, mainly as a toy. Then I realized I could probably make a little money with it. In February 2017 I took the FAA part 107 exam, which is required to do commercial work with a drone. I also started shooting videos of different towns on the Outer Banks, and they went over really well. Folks loved to see a bird’s eye view of where they lived. I started talking to real estate agents on the Outer Banks and doing real estate photography. Adding drone photos and videos really helps sell a home. We left Manteo in February of this year and moved to Surf City, where I am slowly getting into the real estate market. I spend a lot of time exploring the area and always have a camera and drone with me.

Do you prefer coastal landscapes? Why?
I probably do prefer coastal landscapes because that’s where I grew up, but I don’t limit myself to them. I love to drive in the country and shoot old buildings and towns that have old main streets. I also love shooting wildlife; before I moved, I spent many hours shooting black bears at Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, storm clouds and lightning and, once in a while, people. 

Where is your favorite place to take pictures in the area?
It’s hard to pick favorites. I also love fish/shrimping trawlers and fish houses. I have a Facebook group called Down East Photography, where I encourage people to post photos of scenes in everything down east. Lots of folks really like it.

How can people get copies of your work?
Right now, anyone can message me about any photo they see on my Facebook page and get a quote for any medium and size. I also have a Wilton C Wescott Photography page on Facebook. I already have a 2020 Topsail Island calendar printed if anyone is interested.

All your work is awesome, but do you have a personal favorite?
My favorites are what people enjoy the most.


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