Surf City Mural Project

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The Town of Surf City calls artists to enter its mural project by January 30, 2024.

The Town of Surf City’s Beautification and Enhancement Committee (BEC) has a commission opportunity, open to all North Carolina artists with experience in outdoor murals. The winning concept will capture the essence of the chosen theme with a permanent installation on a public wall donated by The Town of Surf City.

The Beautification and Enhancement Committee reports directly to the Town of Surf City’s Town Council and is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the beauty of Surf City through beautification and enhancement projects like murals. The Public Art commissioned by the BEC will be located within the town of Surf City, NC, creating a cultural destination for Surf City and the greater Topsail Island residents and visitors to the island.

This mural shall represent the following chosen theme: A Day at the Beach/Under the Sea. The committee encourages the inclusion of an interactive element in which visitors can take a photo and be “in” the art.

mural wall surf city NC

The space that has been identified by BEC for public art is the concrete multi-sided bath house and fencing located at the Kinston St. Beach Access (number 19) located at 200 South Shore Dr. You may use all sides of the building, all doors and the fencing that corrals the garbage cans, keeping in mind that the wooden fencing may need to be replaced at any time.

Changes have been proposed to the Garbage Can Corral area.

See photos for depiction. A site visit in late Fall is highly encouraged, and photos will be updated as changes are completed. The building is multi-sided and multi-angled, with doors, a shower, and currently has fencing along one side that contains the garbage cans. The total surface of the walls is approximately 374 square feet.

Surf City NC Wall Mural

Surf City has been the commercial heart of Topsail Island for more than 60 years.

The town has grown from a small fishing village that was home to a handful of families to a year-round community of around 1,900 people. Surf City’s clean and uncrowded beaches have become the town’s main attraction where visitors can enjoy the sand on their feet and the peaceful rhythms of the ocean under a deep blue sky. West of Surf City, Topsail Sound and the Intracoastal Waterway separate the island from the mainland. This narrow body of water provides the perfect setting for canoeing, kayaking, water skiing and fishing.

The community’s history includes early American pirates, Operation Bumblebee during WWII and recent history such as the beloved and iconic Swing Bridge. The natural environment of Surf City and the Topsail Region create a strong community and cultural bond to the health and sanctuary of sea turtles, oysters, shrimp and crabs as well as local inshore and offshore fishing.

Calling all mural artists!

Click here to download the prospectus for more information and required guidelines.

Click here to fill out the form and submit your application.

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