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Pender County Schools receives a $200,000 School Safety Grant from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.

Pender County Schools is the recipient of a $200,000 School Safety Grant from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction’s (NCDPI) Center for Safer Schools. This grant, part of the $35 million statewide allocation, aims to enhance safety measures across North Carolina.

“This grant is a crucial investment in the well-being of our students and the overall security of our school community,” says Pender County Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad Breedlove. “We are committed to utilizing these funds strategically to enhance safety measures and provide a secure learning environment for every student in Pender County Schools.”

The allocated funds will be directed towards enhancing safety measures within the school environment. This includes the acquisition of additional security cameras, remote door openers/badge readers as well as safety training materials and equipment for PCSO/SRO’s involved in programs such as DARE/A.L.I.C.E. Evacuation chairs will also be procured to ensure the safe evacuation of ADA staff and students from the upper floors of the two-story campuses during emergencies.

Furthermore, the funds will support the purchase of extra Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), portable metal detectors for weapon detection at athletic or large events, and Stop the Bleed kits along with training and wall mount kits. Additionally, provisions will be made for AED/CPR certifications to enhance emergency response capabilities.

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Through a NCDPI news release, State Superintendent Catherine Truitt says the need for school safety funding is crucial in ensuring students’ well-being throughout their educational journey.

“Nothing is more important than making our schools safer and more secure, and these grants will continue to play a vital role,” Truitt says. “This funding will help improve school security in many ways, including updating technology and training to prevent future emergencies. I applaud state lawmakers for making this a priority and look forward to working with them to deliver more safety funding in the future.”

Initiated in 2018, the School Safety Grant Program collaborates with the Department of Public Instruction to enhance safety in public school units, providing grants for various safety measures. More than $150 million has been awarded statewide since its inception.

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