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Oven One Food Truck rolls up fresh, hot breakfasts in Surf City.

Hungry for delish breakfast grub in Surf City? Look no further than Oven One Food Truck, offering mouthwatering scratch-made biscuits and all things egg and cheese. Start your morning right with breakfast BLTs featuring Havarti cheese and garlic aioli, a classic BEC (bacon, egg and cheese) or even a sausage egg, cheese and hashbrown biscuit at the rolling restaurant.

The owner and chef behind the biscuits is Mike Shipley. Boasting an extensive background in the food service industry since his teenage years, Shipley was working toward a career as a licensed therapist when the opportunity came along to shift gears and open Oven One.

“It was just something I wanted to do,” Shipley says. “I didn’t want to look back five years later and wonder what would have happened if I had started the food truck.”

Oven One Breakfast Food Truck

With the help of a few friends in the area, specifically the guys at Daddy Mac’s, North Shore Juice and Shaka Taco, Shipley turned the opportunity into an actual business.

Patrons seeking a bite can find Oven One parked by North Shore Juice most mornings from 8:30 to 11:30 am. Maintaining a recurring location is an intentional move on Shipley’s part — he wants to build his business from the central location on the island and ensure customers know where to find him.

Shipley has lived in and around the area on-and-off for the better part of two decades and earned his master’s degree in social work from UNC Wilmington. Since starting his food truck, he has been able to move back to Surf City — a transition that the coastal resident is “pretty pumped about.”

Food Truck Oven One

Oven One has been in operation for less than two years and has gained a loyal following.

“My customer base is really cool,” Shipley says. “Probably one of my favorite things about having the truck is getting a handful of regulars and seeing visitors who have tried it come back. I think it’s neat that people remember it and want to come back.”

Shipley began with the idea of offering myriad breakfast foods on the menu. But once he dove deeper into the logistics, he decided to focus on making one food and making it well.

Mike Shipley Oven One Breakfast Food Truck

“Biscuits were the first thing I sold and they had a good reception,” Shipley says. “People seemed to like them, and I got better at my recipe, so really the whole truck has turned into biscuits. I have a few other breads here and there, but I quickly learned from being on the truck that you don’t want to do too much. … You want to be good at one thing.”

The biscuit maker’s secret ingredient is lots of butter — and keeping everything cold until it is time to get it hot. Shipley wakes up early each morning to make the biscuits fresh each day.

Beyond the thriving food truck endeavor, Shipley and his wife welcomed a baby boy early this summer. Shipley met his wife while working at a youth shelter in Wilmington. “We met doing social work and she now does something completely different as well,” Shipley says.

In the future, Oven One may roll into expanded hours and specialty sandwiches. Further down the road, Shipley has a goal of transitioning his business into a brick-and-mortar somewhere on the island.

Oven One Food

“That’s definitely the dream,” he says of a future brick-and-mortar location. “There are not a lot of breakfast spots around Surf City, and I would definitely like to have a building. … And you always want to continue to grow and get bigger and better.”

Ready for a belly full of fresh, hot biscuits? Take it from the owner: “We are really big on making the biscuits fresh every morning. I take the time to make it the best I can.”

Get a Breakfast of Champions:
Oven One Food Truck
103 N. Shore Drive, Surf City (by North Shore Juice)
Instagram: instagram.com/ovenonenc/

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