Plastic Free July – How You Can Creatively Reuse and Recycle

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Holly Ridge

With the current times of the pandemic, people are staying closer to home more than ever.

Staying home more creates more chores at home. More cleaning. More trash. More recycling. Do you know about Plastic Free July? In this movement, people are looking for ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle their plastic bottles and containers. Here are a few tips with videos from 5 Minute Crafts Recycle channel on YouTube. Try a few of them this month and see what you can do to reduce your plastic consumption.

Reuse a plastic water jug as a laundry basket. You can decorate it however you want and use it to store dirty clothes or laundry supplies!
Extra plastic jugs from detergent or soap? Use that and some fabric to make a kitchen storage container. Hang your dishrags through the handle and keep your plastic bags for recycling inside!
Powder detergent spilling everywhere? Use the top of a soda bottle to make a funnel – no spills for easier (cleaner) home cleaning!

If you are an active user on Tik-Tok (get it while you can!). You can log in and check out some pretty cool ways to make these below as well. (Click on image for video)

Take the top of your soda can and make it into a picture hanger.

Some simple glue and your standing only frame becomes wall-hanging!

Repurpose a laundry detergent bottle to make your own plant holder.

A few simple cuts sand you have the perfect decorative pot.

Use a plastic bottle to make a gift box.

Cut the middles and piece them together for a box perfect for jewelry or small items.

Use the bottom of your celery to replant and grow you own.

Just put it in water for a few days, move it to soil and then you’ll have homegrown celery.

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