Movie Madness: The Pender County Hometown Challenge

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Pender County

Watch movies that were filmed in Pender County, guess their locations and win a gift basket!

As I visited Surf City yesterday, I was hoping to get a peek at the beautiful beaches. No such luck as all the beaches are closed to the public. With parks and most businesses closed also due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be a bit disheartening trying to figure out what to do with one’s self these days. Not that Surf City is any different from the rest of the state, as many public beaches, parks and gathering places have been closed until further notice.


While “stuck” at home for days and weeks at a time, it can be a challenge to overcome boredom and general malaise. Certainly, there is plenty of spring cleaning to be done as well as the springtime yardwork. And, of course, we can binge-watch all our favorite Netflix series until we have sunk into paralysis on the couch — anything to distract us from the realities of how this virus has and will continue to change our way of life.

Thankfully, Pender County Tourism has given us something to get excited about: the Pender Hometown Hollywood Challenge! They have provided a list of movies filmed in Pender County, and it is your job to determine the location of the production of the movie.

“We want to make the most out of staying at home during the pandemic,” says Pender County Tourism Director Tammy Proctor. “Our staff has put together a list of movies for anyone who has visited or resides in Pender County, Topsail Beach, Surf City, Watha, Atkinson, St. Helena or Burgaw. Identify the Pender County locations, and you can win a gift basket packed with items from our local shops.”


To take the Pender County Hometown Challenge, follow these steps:

– Watch the movies listed below
– Identify Pender County locations used in the production of these movies
– Make a list and email it to by May 15

Here’s the list of movies:

– Secret Life of Bees
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original)
– Date with an Angel
– The Jailhouse
– I Know What You Did Last Summer
– Silver Bullet
– Idlewood

“There are so many movies we could have selected, but this is a good start,” Proctor says. “Let’s start the movie marathon! You don’t have to be a resident to win.”

Good luck to all and, most importantly, let’s have some fun!

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Brian Wilner

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