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Topsail Island Bellhop Boys do all the heavy lifting of vacation move-ins and move-outs.

Vacationers know that a little help can go a long way in starting off a vacation on the right note. To help with all those trips in the searing sun carting a week’s worth of clothes, food, toys, books, kites and beach toys up two or three flights of steps, the Topsail Island Bellhop Boys are ready to step in.

Ethan and Damian Mulcahy, a father and son team and the creators of Topsail Island Bellhop Boys, are happy to lug your suitcases and bags of groceries.

Bellhop Boys Topsail Island NC

“Topsail Island has something of an old-world charm,” Damian says. “The bellhop business is similar; you typically only find it in high-end traditional resorts and hotels. We saw a need from social media posts, and we believe it’s a good fit for those visiting Topsail Island.”

They expect to expand to more bellhops this summer season as the island fills with visitors.

“I’ve already discussed the idea with a few friends who are interested in helping if the business really takes off,” Ethan says. “We are neighbors in Surf City and classmates at Topsail High School.” Ethan hopes to make enough money to buy a car, maybe start saving for college.

As with any new business, getting the word out is the first step. The Topsail Island Bellhop Boys built their Facebook page in early March and had clients within weeks.

“We’re focusing on social media marketing via our Facebook page,” Ethan says.

Business cards were shared with property owners, Realtors and rental companies to get the word out. “I’m excited about starting this business,” Ethan says.

The Bellhop Boys will meet vacationers at their rental house, carry in all luggage, beach gear, groceries, etc. Then, at the end of the visitors’ stay, they’ll return and bring it all back down to their cars. All for a minimal fee, which is based on the number of guests.

“The best way to connect with us is through The Topsail Island Bellhop Boys Facebook page,” Damian says. “A renter can direct message, text message or email us from there. All of our contact information is available on the page.

Find them on Facebook at or call (919) 791-7953.

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