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Rusty and Tiffany Walker run three local physical therapy offices in Hampstead, Sneads Ferry and Topsail to help people stay strong and flexible and to heal from injuries.

As the Hampstead-Topsail-Sneads Ferry area population grows, so has the need for physical therapy. One local practice, Hampstead PT has grown to three offices to meet that need.

Husband and wife Rusty and Tiffany Walker have worked together for more than 15 years owning three successful physical therapy practices. The key to their success is simple, Tiffany says, “We help our patients get back to living their lives.”

Sometimes living your best life means recovering from an injury at work or in sports. Other times, preventative physical therapy can help you avoid surgery or shorten recovery time after surgery. For many folks, working from home has increased incidents of neck and back pain from too many hours at the computer.

NC October PT Month

“Much of our practice is devoted to neck, spine, knee and shoulder care to help all patients across the board,” Rusty says.

The Walkers opened their first office in Hampstead in 2006 followed by Sneads Ferry PT in 2008 and Topsail PT in 2017.

Both Walkers are graduates of North Carolina State University (she in marketing, he in pre-med ). Rusty has masters of PT degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the College of St. School Scholastica. Before becoming business owners, the Walkers held positions in their areas of expertise. Tiffany worked in healthcare marketing, and Rusty managed a physical therapy practice.

Individual attention is a hallmark of Hampstead PT. Rusty and his staff of five physical therapists and three PT assistants provide one-to-one care in 45-minute sessions, a bit of an anomaly as therapists commonly work with two or more clients at a time.

Owners Rusty and TIffany

“You have the therapist’s total attention,” Rusty says. “We focus on you.”

Therapists at all three offices treat many issues beyond injuries, including chronic pain, gait disorders, arthritis and osteoporosis and neurological concerns. Both pre- and post-surgery therapies are provided as well.

Sports injuries are common, especially among weekend athletes. Rusty calls physical therapy the “first line of defense” against further injuries. “PT can often prevent a patient from getting worse and, in some cases, help avoid surgery or prolong the time before a surgery is needed,” he says.

To combat aging, physical therapy can help increase your balance, reduce instability and keep you strong to avoid falls. Home exercise programs can help you keep your mobility and remain as independent as possible.

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A common belief is that you need a doctor’s referral for physical therapy, but that isn’t always the case, Tiffany says, noting that about a third of their clients come directly to them. It is important for a physical therapy clinic to forge relationships with their patient’s doctors to ensure their mutual patients achieve their PT goals, she adds. “Our relationships with the local community, local doctors and local orthopedics are important to ensure patient success!”

October is National Physical Therapy Month celebrated by practitioners across the nation to increase awareness of physical therapy as an alternative for long-term pain management and a safe and effective alternative to opioids.

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