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Topsail-based author Lovell Casiero releases a new book about leadership and achievement.

Topsail-based author Lovell Casiero is thrilled to announce the release of her highly anticipated book, Lead Like a Girl: From Aspirations to Achievements.

Her empowering and inspirational book shares compelling insights and guidance on leadership, personal development and the journey to achieving one’s full potential. Casiero invites readers to explore a new paradigm of leadership — one that embraces diversity, collaboration and empathy. Drawing from her extensive experience as a successful leader, entrepreneur and advocate for gender equality, Casiero offers practical advice, real-life stories and actionable strategies to help readers navigate the complexities of leadership with confidence.

Lovell Casiero

Casiero draws on her experience as a seasoned executive and professional life coach to weave together compelling narratives of female leaders who have made their mark, backed by personal life lessons that underscore the strengths women bring to the boardroom. By sharing her journey and the stories of other remarkable women who have blazed trails in various fields, she offers a roadmap for leadership success.

Casiero’s hospitality journey took her from sales admin to senior executive. She took a 10-year sabbatical from her hospitality career to run her family’s television ministry, growing it from local stations to a global broadcast on cable networks such as BET. Her journey has been filled with both success and trials but for her, the only option was to overcome, move forward and win again. As an author and speaker, she captivates audiences with her authentic real-life storytelling of lessons learned, obstacles overcome and dreams come true. She lives by a truth that every personal challenge or difficult situation is in vain unless you are willing to help others by sharing the lessons learned from those moments.

She brings to the stage a confidence driven by determination, motivation and a never-give-up attitude.

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“I believe that by embracing diversity, fostering inclusivity and amplifying the unique qualities of each individual, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive as leaders,” she says.

Lead Like a Girl: From Aspirations to Achievements is available in both print and digital formats at all major book retailers.

For more information, go to lovellcasiero.com.

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