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Island Time Cleaning & Construction was started 10 years ago by Samantha Damiano and stepped up its game after Hurricane Florence.

As we all know, living at the coast means a lot of extra maintenance and cleaning for your home and property. It’s not always easy to get the help you need to repair damage to your home, remove trees from the yard or even clean the inside of your home. But there’s a local business that does all of that and more — Island Time Cleaning & Construction.

Owned by longtime local Samantha Damiano, Island Time started 10 years ago as a cleaning company. As Damiano visited different properties, she noticed that many of them were in need of minor to major repairs and decided to also offer handyman services. As the community was impacted by different storms, the handyman aspect became more of a contractor construction service. When Hurricane Florence hit in September of 2018, Island Time stepped up its game.

“Our skills for repairing roof damage, tree removal and storm damage restoration were in high demand,” Damiano says. “Having someone local that the homeowners, residents and even the Realtors could count on earned their trust and made our hearts so full.”

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Then the next big challenge was COVID-19, but Damiano was determined to continue taking care of her clients.

“We were able to complete cleaning, repairs and construction, all the while doing it in a safe manner,” she says. “Every house and customer are a valued asset. We also knew if we took care of our staff that they would take care of us. To be able to help my fellow Realtors, cleaners and friends during this troubling time reinforced our morals and our goals from the start of this company.”

When she thinks back on it, Damiano had no idea how big her company would grow. When she decided her company needed a motto, she came up with “We Will Make It Shine While You Recline.” She believed then and now that it is important to stand behind the “shine,” whether it’s updating your dreams, creating a new dream home, cleaning the home you love or making your home last to leave for your children.

The diversity is Island Time gives its customers a one-stop shop for all their needs. Tree removal, land clearing, new construction, repairs, roofing, plumbing, electrical and cleaning — they do it all.

When asked why they kept the “cleaning” part in front of “construction” in the company name, Damiano explains, “We believe that you should always remember where you started. It was the satisfied customers and Realtors that gave us the shot to expand. That is something we will always remember no matter how big we grow. Every client becomes an extension we consider family. We are all neighbors and friends and have to watch out for each other.”

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