Holiday Lights Make Happier Holidays

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Business, Pender County

Bleu Christmas Light Installation takes care of one of the hardest parts of holiday fun.

Do you love holiday lights but hate hanging them?

Hunter McCoy has a solution to the arduous task of stringing Christmas lights on the outside of homes, a task he calls “pretty tough.” He and partner Josh Vandiford formed Bleu Christmas Light Installation, and, along with their crew, they hang will hang your lights for you.

“I realized this is a service people need,” McCoy says. “I don’t know of another business around here that does this.”

McCoy started the entrepreneurial project in 2019 and strung lights on about 30 homes.

“It ended up being a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it,” he says. “The lights looked really good, and the people were super happy.”

Before he endeavored to form the company, he did research and learned about wattage, making custom cuts to the strings, safety procedures and other details about the job. He bought ladders and necessary equipment and was ready.

His Facebook page entices interested customers, and he has already started stringing lights for the 2020 season, with orders for at least two dozen more. When people contact him, he listens to what they wish to accomplish. Do they want lights on the roofline? Around windows? On bushes? He gets the square footage of the house and gives a rough estimate. If they are serious about his service, he goes to the home to take measurements.

Charity Beeson says she had McCoy put icicle lights on her home’s roofline and bushes and put wreaths in the windows. “It looks fantastic,” she says. “He went above and beyond. He was so cautious.”


Cost depends on the size of the home and what the people want included. A typical two-story home with roofline lights costs between $600 and $800. McCoy learned from his research that other companies were charging far more and stayed to a standard installation. Not so with Bleu Christmas Lighting.

He buys commercial grade bulbs from Novelty Lights, which offers a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and he knows how to fit the strings to the proper lengths. He is concerned about safety and makes sure the clips are secure and extension cords are properly placed. “It is a complicated operation,” he says.

The crew doesn’t use staples or glue; they use clips and adhesive that removes easily. They don’t do permanent installations and take the lights down when the season is over.

“It’s an all-inclusive service for installation, the lights, repairs, take down,” McCoy says.


Customers can reuse the lights for years to come. If they already have lights they want to use, he can install them, but he can’t do repairs on them.

“It’s hard work, but if you do it with the right crew, it makes things a lot more fun,” McCoy says. “I like everyone’s reaction once they see the lights.”

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