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by | Nov 5, 2020 | Business, Holly Ridge

A new pet groomer in the Topsail area, Harmony Pet Spa serves dogs and cats and specializes in elderly, rescue and special needs pets.

There’s a new pet groomer in town. Just off U.S. Highway 17 in Holly Ridge, next to Crew Insurance and Kinco Inc., Harmony Pet Spa offers grooming for dogs of any breed and specializes in elderly, rescue and special needs fur babies. In addition, they do cat grooming, specializing in lion cuts and salsa leena cuts.

Harmony Pet Spa
Coming from the Forest, Virginia, area, owners Tammy and Jimmy Harmon moved to Holly Ridge with the intention of being closer to her daughter, Tiffany, her husband Hunter, and grand-daughter Sofia Rose.

Tammy got her start in grooming by volunteering to help local rescue groups in addition to working for 12 years at a local grooming shop in Virginia.

“We found these puppies in the puppy mills,” she says. “I learned how to approach them to clean and groom them.”

While volunteering over the next five years, she learned a lot about grooming and even went to her clients’ houses to groom pets in front of their owners — which made owners and animals happy. She also went to the local animal hospital and groomed the animals that needed sedation to be touched.

Harmony Pet Spa Holly Ridge
“I saw many situations where groomers had the skill to help with an animal but turned away the ones that needed help the most,” Tammy says. “With animals whose fur is matted to the skin and have health issues, often the owner could not afford to get their animal groomed on a regular basis. I decided then I would create a home environment and a place where the animals felt safe and their owner could stay and be comfortable during the grooming process.”

Tammy says she treats each animal as if it was her own. “I never turn away an animal,” she says. “All I can do is try to help them. They have never been a number to me. Over time you get to know the animal and build that bond that they never forget, nor do I.”

Harmony Pet Spa NC Holly Ridge
Tammy shares that some of the pets she has groomed have run from their owners and come straight to her shop to see her, so she definitely is doing something right!

With their move to Holly Ridge, Tammy and Jimmy want to create the same environment for the need in this area.

“I look forward to continuing helping the fur babies in this area,” she says.

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Harmony Pet Spa is at 100 Main Street, Suite 3 in Holly Ridge. Working by appointment only, Tammy can be reached at (434) 426-5678 or by email at

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