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Cape Fear Community College’s commitment to Pender County Schools is recognized in a proclamation.

Cape Fear Community College (CFCC) and Pender County Schools (PCS) have signed a proclamation recognizing their shared commitment to nurturing talent, fostering growth and propelling students toward promising horizons. Through their joint initiatives, CFCC and PCS have created a powerful synergy that enriches lives, strengthens our educational landscape and paves the way for a brighter tomorrow.

One of the key points in the proclamation recognizes that CFCC’s Pathway to Careers program has provided invaluable support to Pender County high school seniors who are at a crossroads in their educational journey, helping them find direction and purpose in their post-secondary plans. The proclamation also states that CFCC’s vision extends beyond the confines of their campus, as evidenced by the expansion of electrical apprenticeship courses to juniors and seniors at Heidi Trask and Pender high schools, addressing critical gaps in the construction trades and empowering students with sought-after skills for a thriving workforce.

Also recognized is CFCC’s dedication to the future through the Career Academy camps, which serve as beacons of inspiration for middle school students, igniting their curiosity and nurturing their dreams by offering hands-on experiences in diverse fields, reinforcing their potential as future leaders and professionals.

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Other points recognize CFCC’s alliance with Pender Early College High School, a National Blue-Ribbon School, underscoring their commitment to innovative education by providing a platform for students to earn college credit while attaining their high school diploma and ensuring a seamless transition into higher education.

CFCC’s unyielding support for Pender County Schools underscores the symbiotic relationship between higher education and K-12 institutions, forging a path toward academic excellence, personal growth and community advancement. CFFF and PCS are dedicated to nurturing young minds, ensuring that the flames of knowledge, curiosity, and ambition burn ever brighter.

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