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Pender County Teacher, Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year are named at the annual awards banquet.

At the recent Teacher, Principal and Assistant Principal of the Year awards for 2022-2023, Pender County Schools recognized three winners for their dedication and commitment to students and community.

The winners were:
Brittanie Coleman – Teacher of the Year, Cape Fear Elementary School
Tony Hudson – Principal of the Year, Heide Trask High School
Dr. Tiffany Smith – Assistant Principal of the Year, C.F. Pope Elementary School

In addition to the individual awards, PCS recognized five beginning teachers as Teachers of Promise.

“As teachers we have an impact on the lives of others and being able to mentor, being able to encourage, being able to support others and give them the same opportunities, if not more than we were given, is priceless,” said Pender County Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad Breedlove. “The job is 24/7 and they chose it because it’s a job of integrity and an occupation of honor and these individuals represent Pender County Schools exceptionally well.”

Brittanie Coleman is a second grade teacher at Cape Fear Elementary. Over her 19 years in education she has served as a kindergarten, 1st and K/1 classroom teacher as well as a K-5 literacy interventionist in past years. Coleman strives to identify students’ areas of strength and provide various learning opportunities for them to maximize their academic, social and emotional potential.

“Mrs. Coleman has left a lasting impression on many of her colleagues. She is student-centered, a risk taker, a dedicated wife, mother, and community member,” said Dee Owens, director of elementary and Title 1 schools. “Her ability to develop relationships with students and families is to be commended. Mrs. Coleman is a top-notch educator.”

Tony Hudson is in his first year as principal of Heide Trask High School. Hudson previously served as principal at West Pender Middle School. He joined the district in 2005 as a teacher and assistant coach at Heide Trask High School and was a student of Pender County Schools in his youth.

Principal of the Year Tony Hudson

Dr. Tiffany Smith has been a fixture with Pender County Schools for more than 20 years. Dr. Smith is a firm believer in maintaining collaborative relationships in the community to ensure that students achieve the goal of being productive citizens. She states that it takes everyone to make things successful, and we are all in this together.

Dr Tiffany Smith Assistant Principal of the Year

The annual awards celebration, held at Historic Burgaw Train Depot, could not be possible without the support of the Pender County and surrounding communities for their generosity. Thank you to Battleship North Carolina, Burgaw Brewing, Burrito Shak, Copper Penny, Fat Daddy’s Pizza, Hotel Ballast, Johnson Nursery, Pender Education Partnership, Renovation Church, Shaka Taco and the Wilmington Sharks.

Nominees were:

Teacher of the Year

Marcie Black (RPES)
Anna Boggs (MCES)
Suzanna Bolin (CFPES)
Stacey Carlisle (TAES)
Lisa Cavenaugh (BMS)
Brittanie Coleman (CFES)
Lindall Cox (WPMS)
Bailey Graham (HTHS)
Maria Hart (SCES)
Scott Jeno (TMS)
Kelly Lanier (PLS)
Clarence Loher (SCMS)
Jessica March (STES)
Margo Melton (PECHS)
Crystal Ragland (PILA)
Jennifer Simmons (NTES)
Nicole Strong (CFMS)
Tina Welborn (PHS)
Jake Wentzek (THS)

Principal of the Year

Jennifer Angel (STES)
Christie Brown (PECHS)
Avery Ellington (MCES)
Caroline Godwin (PHS)
Gene “Tony” Hudson (HTHS)
Jacob Lawrence (TMS)
Jill Robertson (NTES)
Jeffrey Swanson (BMS)

Asst. Principal of the Year

Elizabeth Braune (RPES)
Tasheka Jordan (WPMS)
Erin Rady (TMS)
Tiffany Smith (CFES)

Teachers of Promise

Sarah Colla (STES)
Jenna Hunter (RPES)
Max Jensen (THS)
Alissa Tarzia (CFMS)
Ashley Wilson (CFPE)

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