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Ward Realty is a full-service real estate company specializing in sales, property management and construction.

By Liz Trojan

When A. H. Ward opened Standard Realty & Construction in 1947, he established himself as a pioneer in the development of Topsail Island. In those early days, it was necessary to obtain a military pass to get onto Topsail Island because the federal government was leasing the entire island for Operation Bumblebee.

Ward changed the name of his business to Ward Realty Corporation in 1951 and was responsible for a large amount of the early success of Topsail. He was one of the people who laid out the original subdivision of Surf City and he served as mayor of Surf City in 1954, when Hurricane Hazel hit. Since then, Ward Realty has developed 19 subdivisions on Topsail Island including Del Mar Beach, Grady-Moore Beach, White Hills Beach, Buccaneer Beach, Pirates Cove and Channelbend.

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While real estate sales were the primary focus of the company in the late 1940s and early 1950s, construction was also an integral part of the sales program. Ward constructed the first four Topsail Island beach cottages built after World War II, and they are still standing.

Today, Ward Realty is a full-service real estate company specializing in sales, property management and construction. The construction division has built more than 100 cottages, including both speculative and custom homes. Property management became a part of the company in the early 1950s and continues today with more than 300 rental properties, most of which are short-term vacation rentals.

Ward Realty Topsail Island NC

The Ward family still works together at Ward Realty, with Brandon Ward as the president, and they continue to move the business forward as Topsail Island grows and changes. The culture they have built internally is to treat their employees, homeowners and guests like family. This welcoming atmosphere has earned Ward Realty exceptional loyalty and retention over their 77 years.

The company has put down deep roots in the Topsail-area communities. The Wards involve themselves in community organizations and events through sponsorships and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

“We pride ourselves on being the original locals of Topsail Island,” says President Brandon Ward. “Our staff has unmatched knowledge of the area and are always ready to help make your vacation perfect or your dreams of living here come true. As the original developers of Topsail Island, we have helped make this island what it is today and we will continue to be here as it grows.”

Ward Realty
202 S. Topsail Drive, Surf City
(910) 328-3221

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