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Treasure Realty Celebrates 30 Years of Service

In 1990, a young Richard Baker, a rising star in the real estate industry, launched Treasure Realty to serve Topsail Island and the mainland communities. Richard’s first two agents were his mother and his cousin, Tim Baker. Today, Treasure Realty is a successful real estate sales and rental firm with 300 years of combined experience among its 11 active agents, including several members of the Baker family who have continued the tradition.

Treasure Realty celebrates its 30th year in business this year, a celebration of success in the industry as well as success in the community. Richard and many of his team members are involved in not only finding places for people to live but also in enriching others’ lives in the area. The Treasure Realty team is active in local churches, in service clubs, in youth programs, and in the Greater Topsail Area Chamber.

Richard Baker began his real estate career with Century 21 at age 26 and soon rose to the top. By age 29, he had outsold all of the firm’s agents in North Carolina. He received two of the coveted Century 21 Centurion Awards by age 30 and soon afterward decided to forge ahead with his own real estate business.

Today, Treasure Realty is the proven leader in sales on Topsail Island, on track to hit the $1 billion mark this year. In addition, the company has the most vacation rental properties under management in the area. Five branded vans and trucks position Treasure Realty with the largest maintenance fleet on the island.

The Treasure Realty team is a group of solid and trusted local experts who know the area intimately and who help their clients find just the right place to buy or rent. They also are very successful in listing and finding the perfect buyer for their clients’ homes. Other services include long-term rentals, property maintenance, and commercial real estate.

As Treasure Realty Marketing Director Scott Franko explains, a celebration of 30 years of success “doesn’t just happen. It takes dedication and hard work. It takes a commitment to progress while holding on to the qualities and characteristics that have been part of the company’s success.”

TreasureRealtySurfCityNCAfter 30 years in business, there are no plans to slow down for Richard, Tim, or the Treasure Realty team. In fact, 2019 was the best year in their history and they are focused on making their 30th year better still. In particular, they plan an emphasis on expanding and growing the vacation and long-term rentals that are so important to visitors and owners in this area.

Also as part of its 30 year anniversary celebration, the Treasure Realty team of trusted local experts plans to give back more to the community, stepping up its event sponsorships and participation in order to support and be a more integral part of the growing Topsail Island and mainland communities.

A proactive approach to refreshing the company’s brand will add to the exciting opportunities ahead for Treasure Realty. The Treasure Realty brand will be even more robust going forward, as the company expands its presence online and on traditional media like billboards and print ads.

Franko notes, “It is a privilege to work with a great company that has reached a tremendous level of success in terms of growth and years of service. While we celebrate the past and the present, we truly look forward to the next thirty years and beyond as a leading provider of services for real estate, property management, vacation stays, and long-term rentals.”

Treasure Realty has built a strong brand over thirty years and the future looks even stronger as Topsail Island and the surrounding mainland communities continue to thrive and grow.

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