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Jeff Wenzel, who already has an artistic eye for photography, helps you with all your framing needs at Topsail Frame Shop & Art Gallery.

Have you ever thought about custom? You could get a picture framed for a loved one as a gift or frame some fine art you have purchased or created yourself. You could even take a beautiful photo from your phone and have it mounted to hang on the wall.

With so many pictures available these days on electronic devices or regular cameras, we don’t think about preserving them as a keepsake on the wall like we used to. That is where Jeff Wenzel, owner of Topsail Frame Shop & Art Gallery, comes in very handy. Not only does his shop do a top-notch job framing art, photos, posters and diplomas, but also they frame them with glass that protects the artwork.

Framing with Jeff Wenzel NC

“One thing that destroys art the quickest is light (sunlight and artificial light),” Wenzel explains. “We carry glass with a UV protecting layer that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays from fading artwork and photos.”

Twenty years ago, non-glare glass was widely used. Now it is rarely used as a newer crystal-clear museum glass provides a clearer view with the additional UV protections. The glass is virtually reflection free, allowing the viewer to enjoy the art without any window or light glare distractions.

I asked Wenzel for some examples of some unique items they have framed in the past.

“We frame a lot of very large items,” he says. “One of the most unique items I have framed was an Olympic torch from the 1996 Olympic games. This was a real torch that was used to bring the Olympic flame to the games. We built a beautiful shadowbox to encase the unique item.”

Wenzel says military themed art and going away gifts are very popular. They also frame a ton of posters and diplomas.

Jeff Wenzel Frames Topsail

Their frame shop is located off the road behind Gulfstream Steel on U.S. Highway 17 in Holly Ridge. They are open 8 am to 5 pm weekdays and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays. Stop by with your artwork and let them help you pick out a frame and matting that will enhance it. Their standard production time is only two weeks, and they have more than 200 picture frame moldings in stock.

All of the team members are artists in some type of medium, so they consider your project to be a beautiful extension of their very own artwork. Should you need any of your items shipped, they are happy to accommodate.

Want to go?
Topsail Frame Shop & Art Gallery
301 U.S. Highway 17, Holly Ridge
(910) 507-1025

Photography by Laura Glantz

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