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by | May 20, 2020 | Bars, Business, Food & Drink, Topsail Beach

“Peace, Love, Books,” is the motto Lori Fisher, owner of Quarter Moon, and her staff live by.

After 25 years on the island, she knows the majority of the full-time residents and has created wonderful relationships with the locals and visitors. She’s created a place these people love to come to, a place with a relaxing atmosphere, comfortable outdoor seating, an extensive variety of goods, a great location and exceptional staff.

Fisher has always been an avid reader. After moving to the area in 1995, she decided to purchase Quarter Moon, which, at the time, was just a small bookstore that had only been in existence for one season. She had big plans for the little bookstore!

By 1999 Lori had purchased the building where Quarter Moon is now thriving, a place that’s considerably larger than the original previous location. Over the years the store has evolved significantly. They offer not only books, but also greeting cards, stationery, gifts, women’s clothing, games, puzzles, a coffee bar and a wine and beer bar. They also have music on a weekly basis.


“My heart is with the books, but I do love what we have become over the years,” Lori says.

Socks, the store cat, has become a neighborhood celebrity. Signs throughout the shop read, “Pet the cat at your own risk,” because he may nip you if you try to pet him while he is asleep. After all, it is his house. A local musician has even written a song about the shop as a highlighted destination in the community.

Fisher has a positive outlook and personality. “Today is going to be awesome!” she often says. She and her staff intend to make every customer feel happier when they leave Quarter Moon than when they arrived. Everyone’s job description includes performing whatever function is needed for the success of the store. They are like a family, and the respect and cooperation between the staff is evident.

Fisher and the staff are also involved in the community and always support local events. They take part in the Autumn With Topsail festival as well as the annual Christmas parade.

A banner hanging in the store thanks the “Stars of Quarter Moon” for their encouragement and financial support after Hurricane Florence. Quarter Moon was fortunate not to have suffered significant physical damage from the storm, but due to the lack of business for so many months, their financial condition was devastated. A GoFundMe account was set up, and the response was astonishing. The notes, letters and comments from customers from far and wide regarding their feelings about the shop was heartwarming. The amount of money people donated and their encouragement was beyond imagination, Lori says. “Mere words will never be able to express my gratitude for the response.”


Fisher says it boils down to one simple concept: Give to the community and it will give back. “It’s important to support your local indie business,” she says, and thanks everyone for their continued support.

Quarter Moon Books, Gifts & Wine Bar
708 S. Anderson Boulevard, Topsail Beach
(910) 328-4969

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