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Who wouldn’t love to have a personal chef come to their home and cook them a five-course gourmet meal?

Chef James McEowen is making this a reality for people in the Topsail area.

James is already known for his delicious food and menus at Fat Burgers in Sneads Ferry, but his true passion is gourmet. That’s why he also provides fine five-star dining to the community in the form of personal chef services.

For Chef James, cooking is a lifestyle.

“I breathe, eat and sleep the kitchen life,” he says.

His passion for food started at a young age, and he says he was bred into the restaurant industry. Both of his parents owned and ran restaurants even before he was born. He says he was blessed to be raised in a multicultural family with an American father and English mother. They met when his father moved to England, and when James was born they moved back to America to chase the American dream.

James thanks his parents for instilling in him the love of food. He says his mother was the cook in the house, and his dad was more the brain of the operation. The family sat down to eat together every night, and every holiday, family special event or birthdays was held at his family’s home.

Chef James the Englishman Topsail NC

“Food has always been the focus of life,” James says. “I would see how much love had been put into cooking a beautiful meal and how much it meant to my mum when we enjoyed it. Cooking has always been a way to express love, family and togetherness. Food equals happiness.”

James moved to England when he was 19 to attend Carshalton College for a degree in culinary arts and hospitality, and he was top of his class all
three years. While living in England, James took the opportunity to train and sharpen his skills under some amazing chefs.

His love for fine dining started when he got a commis chef job at The Pheasant Hotel in North Norfolk on the coast of England. He worked there for two years training under his mentor Chef Erling Rugsten and earning his way through the ranks of the kitchen. This is what he wants to bring to your kitchen — a one-on-one, first-hand experience into the world of gourmet cooking.

“With my background and connections to many cultures, I love to infuse American flavors with the techniques I’ve learned overseas to give the customer a flavor explosion they won’t forget,” he says.

James adds that being a chef is more than just a job, it’s a passion.

“I get to express myself through food, and there’s no better feeling than seeing a smile on someone’s face when they love what I’ve cooked for them,” he says. “I got into this business because I love it. It feels like I never work a day in my life because I love what I do.”

Personal chef services are ideal for events and special celebrations or for making vacations more relaxing, and James will work with you to plan the meal of your dreams.

For booking, pricing or information on Chef James’ personal chef services, call (910) 520-1594 or visit

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