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The new company, now known as Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Treasure®, still has many of the same faces that made Treasure Realty one of the strongest and most trusted real estate forces in the entire area.

When Tim Baker and his cousin Richard Baker got started in the real estate industry on Topsail Island in 1990, they already understood the importance of a family-owned business. Having grown up together with fathers who owned a bread company, it was instilled in them at a young age that faith and family were everything.

For the past three decades, the cousins have made sure that serving the Lord was at the forefront of their decision-making and the cornerstone of everything they did at Treasure Realty. Treasure’s team will continue to do so with their recent change to the national franchise Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, where the dedicated experts are still as committed as ever to serving and caring for every client like they are part of the family.

This past year saw many changes, including a transition away from vacation rental property management and a franchise purchase.

The new company, now known as Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Treasure®, still has many of the same faces that made Treasure Realty one of the strongest and most trusted real estate forces in the entire area.

“The name and logo may have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the company’s local expertise and generational knowledge, now with the added benefit of a national reach,” says Sandi Monroe, marketing director.

“Treasure is no different than it ever was, as we’re still singularly focused on the client and the customer,” Tim says. “We went from an independent real estate company to attaching to a national franchise brand that we feel is the best in the business in order to better serve those same clients and customers that we’ve been serving for over 30 years.”

Attaching the family-owned business to a nationally recognized franchise offers many benefits to Treasure’s ever-growing team of agents. These include access to world-class marketing resources, lead-generation tools and a variety of advertising options that further complement the brokerage’s efforts, allowing it to deliver an even deeper wealth of knowledge and a more individualized customer experience.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® Treasure is growing, with offices in Sneads Ferry and Surf City and its newest location in Wilmington. Also growing is the team of passionate agents committed to providing concierge-style service through every step of the commercial and residential sales and long-term property management process. Many of Treasure’s agents have been with the brokerage since the beginning, something Tim says is not only important in terms of their deep knowledge when it comes to the local marketplace, but also as it relates to the value they bring to the company’s family-centric business.

“It’s really the brokers and the way they care for the client that’s the driving force behind our success,” Tim says.

Taking care of clients and treating people like family is part of the business model, Tim says.

“We know success comes from caring about the client and taking care of the people we work with and believe are our family,” Tim says. “At the end of the day, we understand that the good Lord does these things for us and for others, and we’re just very thankful.”

Better Homes Real Estate Treasure RealtyBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate® Treasure

1950 N.C. Highway 172, Sneads Ferry
14061-B N.C. Highway 50, Surf City
7971 Market Street, Wilmington
(910) 327-4444

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