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Spinning on Sunshine brings mobile outdoor fitness classes to Topsail Island.

Danny Blowe took his passion for fitness, added the breeze-filled eastern North Carolina coast and launched Spinning on Sunshine mobile outdoor training on Topsail Island in August.

He pulls up with a trailer full of Kaiser spinners and striders and loads up high-energy music for a 65-minute outdoor class designed to meet your fitness goals. He wants you to ride into the sunset or sunrise — or a time that’s convenient for you.

Spinningon Sunshine Workout Topsail NC

“Our class lineup includes spin, spin/stride circuit, spin/brick and a starter class,” Blowe says. “We do circuit training with striders, cycles, full-body workouts, low weight and stretch bands, some calisthenics and a five-minute beach run.”

Classes include modifications to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. Every class is set to positive, motivating music and led by a certified spin and group fitness instructor.

“We mix it up to have different intensity or high-calorie burn, whatever folks want,” Blowe says.

Classes can be almost anywhere. Recent classes were in Onslow County Pines Park and at Beach Access 2. The North Topsail Beach Fire Department signed up for a 12-week progressive training program. Those classes are also open to other participants, Blowe says, but if a class with fit firefighters seems daunting, not to worry.

“We meet you where you are — beginner, intermediate, advanced — you control the system,” he says. “You choose the intensity of the workout, listen to your body and we’ll help you modify and adapt to your skill level.”

Spinning on Sunshine takes advantage of the beautiful coastal environment.

“Most of us who live in a coastal environment do so because we love the outdoors,” Blowe says. “We want to be outside as much as possible — swimming, biking, running. There’s often a nice breeze, and it’s all very motivating.”

Besides working out in a great outdoor location, they can help participants train for events like a 5K or Ironman.

TopsailIsland NC Spinning on Sunshine
A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Blowe had a career in law enforcement and corporate security. Last year he began working on the concept of mobile outdoor fitness to share his passion with others. As a long-time Ironman competitor, he knows how to train, eat well and stay healthy. He has since earned ISSA fitness credentials to share his knowledge and will soon have his personal coaching credentials.

“I don’t know if there’s anything else like this,” he says. “I think my model is unique. I just followed my passion. My whole mission is promoting fitness and healthier lifestyles. I enjoy being healthy and wanted to share that.”

North Topsail Beach Fire Chief Chad Soward appreciates the attention Blowe gives to individual fire fighters.

“Danny is providing a great service to our guys by creating workouts that are low impact on the joints but are providing high cardio and complete body fitness,” Soward says. “Danny also does an excellent job at tailoring the workouts to the individual’s level of fitness.”

James Hunter, a firefighter participating in the classes, agrees with Soward.

“As firefighters we face some of the same challenges as the general public when it comes to staying fit and healthy during the COVID pandemic,” Hunter says. “Our town’s leadership values thinking outside the box to find and implementing solutions, and Danny’s service has been a fantastic solution.”

Spinning on Sunshine Traveling Workout NC

Hunter invites the public to join the firefighters in one of their sessions. “Don’t take our word for it! Join us during one of our sessions, get a great workout in and learn more about our department and our amazing group of firefighters.”

Onslow County Parks and Recreation Department will continue to offer the classes in the winter, says Jason McCray, athletic program supervisor. “Feedback on the classes has been positive, and we are interested in offering this program in as many places as Mr. Blowe would like to offer it. We want all of Onslow County to have the opportunity to participate in this great program.”

To further spread his enthusiasm for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Blowe writes a blog on the website. A recent post focused on hydration, including recommendations from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine of a daily fluid intake for healthy adults living in a temperate climate is about 15.5 cups for a male and 11.5 cups for a female. He recommends two to three big gulps of water every 10 to 20 minutes.

Classes are cancelled in case of inclement or unsafe weather, and a full refund or a new booking is offered.

Since Blowe is a full-time resident, classes will continue year-round (he advises dressing appropriately for the weather).

“We’re a local, family owned-business,” Blowe says. “My wife and I live on the island. We love it here.”

Want to workout?

Spinning on Sunshine
To register and buy a single class or a multi-class pass, visit SpinningonSunshine.com.
Special rates are provided for first responders.
For questions call (910) 886-6343.

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